I don’t know how it happens, but every time I am trying to dress for an event or a party or a dinner or even for work, I look inside my closet and am struck by the same thought time and time again…. I have nothing to wear!  It is inevitable.  Granted sometimes it is  because I have just gone through a blitzkrieg of sorts and have donated the majority of my closet to charity, probably due to anxiety caused by watching the A&E show “Hoarders.”  Then of course there are the other reasons: I get bored with what I have or I have already worn something similar recently or etc etc.  To combat this cyclical and inevitable turn of events, I have recently adopted a new philosophy.  Instead of purchasing a few new (often, cheaper) pieces here and there, I am trying to build a closet of timeless quality essentials.  Often this means approaching each piece with some thought and planning, and above all, avoiding the dreaded impulse buy.  Below are some sources that I use for inspiration, for daydreaming, and for shopping!

For Inspiration:


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