Diet Detox

Last fall I went on an awesome trip to the Pacific Northwest.  I spent time in California and drove up the coast to Portland.  I really enjoyed everything that part of the country had to offer – great weather, drive through coffee shops, gorgeous vistas, and of course lots and lots of red wine, beer and great food!  When I got back home and eventually returned to reality, I decided it was time I try a detox of sorts.  So I signed up for a two week detox offered by my local yoga studio.  Although not technically qualifying for it, it seemed pretty close to a vegan diet.  By about day three, I realized it would be a lot more difficult than I originally thought, and I even considered myself a very healthy eater beforehand.  However, by the end of week two, despite cheating a few times, I felt great!  Since then I have taken some of the lessons I learned during the detox and have tried to incorporate them into my daily eating habits.  For example, I try not to eat red meat more than once a week; my diet is primarily made up of vegetables, raw when possible; I never drink sodas; and I try to seriously limit my intake of processed foods and hydrogenated fats.  One resource that really helps me do this is nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s blog and her frequent email tips. Every time I read her emails, I learn something surprising.  For example, I always thought agave syrup was a good substitute for honey and other sweeteners, however, it turns out that it is a highly processed sweetener which has been converted into almost pure fructose!  Who knew?! Even if you are not ready to commit to a full fledged plant based diet (which I am not), it’s easy to start incorporating some of her helpful advice into your daily habits.

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