Spring Branches

Tulip and Magnolia Branches from Terrain

How can anyone just not love this time of year?  OK – maybe if you have allergies – but still!  In DC, it has been absolutely beautiful.  The weather has been so warm and the cherry blossoms are out.  Although the winter was not harsh, you can still feel everything waking up.  I have been trying to bring some of that freshness into my apartment.  One of my favorite spring floral arrangements is so simple.   All you need is some seasonal branches and a clear vase.  This also gives me the opportunity to mention one of my favorite home and garden stores – Terrain.  Although a little pricey, I love this store.  They carry some really gorgeous products and are always creating unique and simple arrangements.  I love using their site for inspiration, which is how I created the seasonal branch arrangement that is now sitting on my dining table (see the photo below)!

Via Kinfolk

My Seasonal Branch Arrangement



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3 responses to “Spring Branches

  1. It is always lovely to bring flowering branches into your home. Simple and beautiful.

  2. Jody

    I do the same thing for parties and showers. Branches with very small items attached: baby pins, pacifiers, rattlers for baby showers etc.

  3. I took that picture!

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