Ladders as Decor

Unfortunately, I, like many people, am guilty of letting clothes pile up in my bedroom.  It’s a pet peeve of mine, yet I struggle with it daily, and I am not on the winning side of this battle.  My boyfriend and I have come to terms with the fact that we are just not strong enough to control the situation.  There is only one option left to us… removing the furniture from our bedroom that ends up collecting our clothes by the end of each day!  (Yes – this is slightly pathetic.)  However, I think a great replacement would be incorporating a ladder as part of the decor. This can be helpful, because it cannot hold that many articles of clothing, but it can, in the event it’s absolutely necessary, be a convenient place to lay an item or two… you get the idea!

Dressing Ladder available at Tenebras



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4 responses to “Ladders as Decor

  1. It also doubles as an escape ladder in case of fire.

  2. Very True!! Another reason to add as to why I should get this! 🙂 I like your thinking.

  3. lisi

    Great idea….I need something to store my pillows and comforter when its time for bed

  4. that’s another great idea lisi!

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